Monday, October 12, 2009

One of many teachers

A little over a year ago the boys visited their aunt Gina in her pottery studio. She showed us around and we admired her work and that of others who work and learn at the pottery studio in the Greenbelt Community Center.

She got out some clay and quickly "threw" a pot to show them all the steps.

Then she helped them make a bowl together, working for a few minutes with each of the boys at the wheel.

She also gave each of them an extra little bit of clay to work with, and they eventually took turns at the wheel with their little blobs.

I had never seen Gina teach. I was quite impressed with her patience and the way she chose words and actions that were particularly helpful while still giving each child the satisfaction of doing it himself. I had heard from others that she is a really good teacher -- I can see why they say that.

The bowl they made was set up to dry, and Gina later glazed and fired it. We're back in Greenbelt for a few weeks, so Gina presented to the boys the final product, the work of their eight hands. It's a lovely little bowl.